Why Wooden Toys?

Posted by Eva Wang on


Wooden toys made of natural, non-toxic solid wood, they will not pollute our home with unexpected chemicals, unlike low-quality plastic, plywood or painted toys which contain chemicals and toxins can be harmful to our children. Paint-free solid wooden toys are safe for babies’ to gum in during the teething period.

Sustainable play

Wooden toys are durable and not easy to break, they can last years with little care, can pass on to siblings even next generations. Natural decomposition, no harmful trace to the environment, leave a better planet for our future generation.

Physical development

Wooden toys’ natural textures allow our children to touch, feel and explore the real world, they can play in different ways, make different combinations, help children develop hand-eye-ear coordination.

Source of imagination and creation

Wooden toys inspire our children to play creatively and imaginatively, which help children to develop the ability to concentrate and improve problem-solving skills.