How to care of your wooden toys?

Posted by Fang Wang on

Initial care of the new wooden toy
  • Wipe clean with baby wipes, or sterilize using UV/Plasma light or equipment.
  • Apply a thin layer of baby edible vitamin A, D or organic olive oil to the surface of the wood, and then allow the wooden toy to dry naturally.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun and keep toys away from hot surfaces or objects.
Daily Cleaning

Since the toys are made of natural, solid, wood it is best to clean them with baby wipes that are soft and contain a very small amount of moisture.  Rinsing with hot water or steaming is discouraged as the high temperatures will damage the toy permanently. 

Use the provided sandpaper, or select suitable sandpaper to polish the toys if needed. Apply organic olive oil after polishing.
    • Soak the wooden toys
    • Put the wooden toys in the dishwasher
    • Use hot water, essential oil, disinfectant, bleach or harsh detergents
    • Paint the wooden toys
    • Expose the toys to heat, humidity, changes in temperature and sunlight for too long to avoid color to fade and crack.