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Green meadow, birds in a blue sky, and an old Mill - these are necessary parts of a traditional European landscape.

You will not fight against windmills like Don Quixote of Cervantes. You will build them!

Just lend your mind, and inspiration will find you!

Wind transforms into kinetic energy through the rotation of the blades. This is how a real mill works. You, on the other hand will power your own Mill. Its blades turn according to your desire; all it takes is to turn a special key.

A few turns of the key activates the rubber band drive of your Mill! This sets in motion all the cogs, among which there is a flywheel, and a real planetary gear. Operating time from one winding is 1 minute. On your left, a trigger lever stops the movement of the Mill.

But that is not all! At the bottom of the patterned stand is a hidden piggy bank or box to keep small jewels. This is a pleasant surprise for loved ones.

Our Mill is a favorite among interior designers and artists who buy it to find inspiration for their creative tasks. This model really attracts the eye!

Product Description

  • Brand: Wooden City
  • Age: 14 Years +
  • Made of eco wooden materials
  • Assemble without glue
  • Number of parts: 219
  • Assembly time: 420 min.
  • Model size: 327*373*135mm
  • Packaging size: 355*240*40mm
  • Made in EU