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This beautiful wooden walker offers babies and toddlers unlimited playtime. Handmade by solid natural wood without any paint, forest smell, smooth touch, add on 30 toddler blocks makes a solid and stable base to begin the fun cruising. It allows children to learn to walk naturally: children can decide when and how to use it, it will boost children's self-confidence and promote free movement and natural development. 

Why do we love wooden walkers? Here are the benefits according to How We Montessori's review:
- The child decides when and how to use it.
- Can be used independently.
- Provides a stable base for the child learning to walk.
- Can boost self-confidence, often children are hesitant to leave the safety of the couch while cruising, the walker provides a mobile base.
- Promotes free movement and natural development.

"A walker wagon (wooden, not plastic) will provide an opportunity for the child to pull up and practice walking at will, but it will usually require the adult to turn the wagon around when the child reaches the end of the path, and push and pull toys are great fun for the new walker." - Michael Olaf "The First Year - Crawling, Pulling Up, Standing."

Product Description
  • Age: For 12 months +
  • Product Size: 40.4*29.9*50.8cm
  • Material: European Beech and African Sapele wood
  • All packaging material is eco-friendly.
  • Packaging Size: 44.8*30.0*18.5cm
  • Gross Weight: Walker(4.0kg), Walker + 30 Toddler Blocks(5.7kg)
  • Adjustable handle to fit toddler's height
  • Adjustable weight by loading blocks, books, and toys
  • Adjustable speed, speed control knob is located between the rear wheels.
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