"As a mother, my family is always my top priority. When I began shopping for toys for my daughter at local retail stores, I realized most toys today are made of plastic, with inconsistent quality.

One day, I had enough. Everywhere I looked, I could see and smell plastic. I felt conscious of what we were doing to our future generations and to the planet, due to our consumption of plastic. However, I was surprised to find limited options for sustainable toys, with so many available wooden toys coated with toxic paint.

I believe that as mothers, we have a responsibility to shop carefully for our little ones. This is why I decided to create Wooden Joy, with the support of my family and friends. This is a brand that believes wholeheartedly in wooden toys that are good to the environment, safe and beautifully designed and made with love. We want to support and promote brands sharing the same values."


"As a graphic designer, Wooden Joy's associate and nature lover, I am fully aware that communication has an important impact on the environment and on people’s lives. It is my mission to make the most ethical and eco-friendly choices possible (both professionally & personally) throughout the lifecycle of each project, from the idea to the final product.

I believe that creativity and imagination are keys to any child's development. Therefore, I really like promoting great toys that create adventures and memorable experiences for both children and parents.

We at Wooden Joy are committed to choosing good quality wooden toys that will last for generations, while making sure they are made in an ethical way – both socially and for the planet."




Safe Toys

We make your child’s safety our top priority: All our toys are in strict compliance with EU’s EN 71 and China’s GB 6675-2014 Safety of Toys Standard.

  Sustainable Toys

We want to leave a better planet for our future generations. Plastic toys create waste that stay on our planet for years to come, and the issue of ingesting microplastics is a fast-growing concern.

  Imagination & Creativity

We believe that a child’s capacity for imagination and creativity starts in the early years. We are convinced that with the right toys, we can make the most of this critical period to help our children develop these skills.

  Made with Love

We are committed to curating beautifully designed selections that are made with love and embody the wonder of childhood. Our bespoke collection is constantly growing, so your child will never tire for variety.