Brand Story

At Wooden Joy, we are determined to provide educational and sustainable wooden toys that are safe, beautiful and crafted with love. We are proud to promote unique toys and the stories behind them!

The Story of Lovely Mo

Lovely Mo was founded in 2016 by a mother of a little Chinese girl named MoMo.
Like all babies, MoMo liked discovering the world by chewing on toys or objects that she came in contact with.
It was no easy task for Momo’s mommy to find her child toys that were safe or nontoxic. How could she choose between so many different materials, shapes, sizes and colors? Also worried about his , MoMo’s grandfather (a talented wood artisan) came up with an idea of his own.  He began to create beautiful handmade wooden toys that were safe for chewing babies. The toys soon became very popular among friends, family, and with people in their neighborhood.
Thus, a new brand was born! Since then, Lovely Mo continues to design toys made with love. They are original, educational, elegant, safe, paint-free, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable. Lovely Mo designers cherish good quality wood, and always choose the best raw, solid wood such as European Beech, African Sapele and European Maple.